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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Director ~ Utah Musical Theatre


Michael Kostroff  &  Barry Pearl

Relentlessly funny!  

Larry Sousa pummels the audience with bawdy humor, silliness and sight gags.  FORUM is the show fans of spectacle will be sorry they missed if they let this opportunity pass. 

- Standard Examiner

Larry Sousa has delivered a handsome hit!

In Utah Musical Theatre's FORUM, the laughs ring out.  

- Salt Lake Tribune

Bye Bye Birdie

Director / Choreographer  ~  Reagle Music Theatre
  • IRNE Award, Best Choreography

  • 9 IRNE nominations including Best Director Best Musical


BYE BYE BIRDIE Soars and Sizzles!  A vibrant production that rocks and rolls like there’s no yesterday, today, or tomorrow.
The Boston Globe

Larry Sousa has revamped BIRDIE with loads of ingenious touches,

begetting lots of new laughs and injecting fresh humor into the dances. Boston Arts Review

Larry Sousa provides top-notch direction and fantastic choreography. 

Sousa has a keen eye for comic situations, and brings out the best in his cast. 

- The Theater Mirror

Extraordinarily entertaining and beautifully choreographed. 

- Boston Events Insider

Anita Gillette positively devours the role of the overpowering smother-mother in Sousa's delightful production of BYE BYE BIRDIE.
Boston Arts Review


Director ~ Musical Theatre West
  • Los Angeles Ovation Award, Best Ensemble Cast

  • Los Angeles Ovation Award nominations, Best Director, Best Musical

CRITIC'S PICK!  This polished staging is sure to please.  

- Backstage West

Lively and lovely and thrilling!  Just the kind of feel-good musical that wakes up and audience and earns a standing ovations at evening's end. 

- Long Beach Press Telegram

SWING is pure pleasure - A snazzy evening!  

- Grunion Gazette

Sweet, soulful and steamy!  A joyous production that resonated with a stylish sense of renewal.
- Orange County Weekly

The Sound Of Music

Director ~ Reagle Music Theatre


Patrick Cassidy  &  Sarah Pfisterer

Most productions of THE SOUND OF MUSIC are so reverential that there aren't any surprises left (especially for reviewers who have seen it umpteen times). 

Not this time...

This time, THE SOUND OF MUSIC is a fresh delight.

- Boston Arts Review


A splendid production

- East Boston Times

Sousa's thoughtful staging of "An Ordinary Couple" builds to a moment so romantic it brings a lump to your throat.

- OnStage Boston

Pfisterer has performed the role of Maria before,

but never so mischievously.  

That's director Larry Sousa's touch...


Even Mother Abbess is kicking up her heels. 

- Boston Arts Review

Director Larry Sousa escapes the traps inherent in Rodgers and Hammerstein's overdone but beloved musical...

Even the scenes in front of the curtain (for set changes) are charming interludes. 

- Boston Arts Review

The von Trapp children,

who often sacrifice talent for cuteness,

emerge here as three-dimensional,

individual characters, toads and all.

- Two On The Aisle

Directed by Larry Sousa, this production is thoroughly charming, warm and funny, and meltingly romantic.

- OnStage Boston

The Tin Pan Alley Rag

Choreographer ~ World Premiere
Goodspeed Musicals 
Goodspeed Musicals 
Pasadena Playhouse
Coconut Grove Playhouse
  • NAACP Theatre Award and L.A. Ovation Award nominations ~ Best Choreography


Larry Sousa's choreography is a virtual dictionary of period dance.

- Miami Sun-Sentinel

It's all dazzlingly choreographed

-WIOD Newsradio 610

You see the sensuous, spirited flowering of Ragtime as black

couples dance to Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag.

- Miami Herald

My Fair Lady

Director ~ Reagle Music Theatre

Director Larry Sousa bumps up the comedy in this MY FAIR LADY, affording extra giggles

for those of us who've seen it a hundred times.  

- Boston Arts Review

Spendid!  MY FAIR LADY is the must-see show of the summer season. 

- Theatre Mirror

In The Heights

Choreographer ~ SpeakEasy Stage Co.
  • IRNE Award, Best Choreography

Larry Sousa's inspired choreography

highlights individual abilities without ever distracting from the overall impact of dances that combine

jaw-dropping athletic prowess with balletic grace...

Whether punctuating a dramatic moment or creating the feeling of busy street life in a club or outdoors, this ensemble dazzles with impeccable form and fluid strength.

-The Boston Globe

The dancers fly through the air, landing in spectacular splits.  They grab a funky beat, shake it out, tie it to a basketball move, jerk its tail inside out, and walk it

en masse...

What else can I say?

The dancing left me completely wowed.

 -Boston Arts Review

Explosive Choreography!

An energetic combination of hip-hop and salsa moves turn songs like "Carnaval del Barrio" and "96,000" into sultry explosions of pent-up frustrations or celebration.

- Broadway World

This multi-award winning musical hits is apex

with Larry Sousa's fiery Latino choreography

fusing salsa, hip-hop, merengue

and romantic rhythms.

-Theatre Mirror

The Dancing is First Rate!

                                             -Berkshire Fine Arts

Exuberant choreography by Larry Sousa

-Bay State Banner

Dazzling Choreography

-The Artsfuse

Anyone Can Whistle

Choreographer ~ Matrix Theatre, L.A.
  • Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award - Best Choreography

  • Backstage/Garland Award - Best Choreography

Sousa's zany choreography

is first-rate

- L.A. Daily News

I was knocked out by Sousa's

brilliant choreography

- KPFK Pacifica Radio

The show dashes forward with cut-up choreography by Larry Sousa.

His COOKIE CHASE BALLET is as much an amazing feat of engineering as a dance routine. 

  - Variety

Larry Sousa's choreography

is a world-class addition 

-Entertainment Today

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